Exceeding Customer Expectations with Paul McCaw of Subbytech

Really enjoyed our week with Paul Owner of Subbytech based in Belfast. Known as the connector-of-dots. Paul is all about supporting small business. And, with his background in Customer Care. Paul really does understand exceeding your customer’s expectations.

Paul - subbytech - holding power banks

Before we dive into our Q & A. Here’s a little about Subbytech. Subbytech provide you high quality power banks, charging cables and content creator kits. With Subbytech, you can be free to work and play without ever running out of battery again.   

During our Q & A Paul shared some super useful tips on the importance of exceeding customer expectations.

Q1: What is good customer service?

Q1: What is good customer service? - Subbytech - Irish Wedding Chat

It’s taking the basic customer/client expected levels of service, then going that little bit further for the client or customer.

Q2: Why should you always aim to EXCEED the client/customer expectations of service?

Q2; Why should you always aim to EXCEED the client/customer expectations of service? Subbytech - Irishweddingchat

This is what makes YOUR business stand ABOVE the others, makes YOU rememberable. It’s what makes the client or customer go “wow” It’s what get you recommended and importantly, in today’s modern world, it’s what gets you social proof of your excellent service.

People buy from people and if you’re recommended by someone you have worked with or served, then you’re “doing it right” and that’s what gets you repeat and new business, from recommendations. Adverts are fine but the personal word of mouth recommendations, are priceless!

Q3: Would you give examples of exceeding expectations?

Would you give examples of exceeding expectations? Subbytech - Irishweddingchat

If you’re approached with a query about a service or product you don’t provide, tell them you don’t have that BUT help them find someone who DOES have the product or service.

Tell them “I’m so sorry but I don’t have that product (or service) but here’s someone who does have it and if for any reason they can’t help you, come back to me and I’ll find someone else for you”  You want someone to leave your conversation NOT thinking “ah they couldn’t help” but instead thinking “ Wow they didn’t have what I needed, but thanks to them, I know where to get it” A positive experience for them, even though you couldn’t provide that product or service yourself.

Q4: What’s the best bit of advice you can give me to improve my clients/customers experience of me/my service?

Q4: What’s the best bit of advice you can give me to improve my clients/customers experience of me/my service? Subbytech - Irishweddingchat

Treat others how you yourself would want to be treated. Go the extra mile, provide more value than they paid for. Subbytech do this and that’s why we have over 98% of our reviews as 5 stars, over 60% of those 5stars, are for our brilliant customer service.

Deal with any complaints to the level where the customer thinks “I came here annoyed and wanted to complain” to leave with the “wow they sorted me out and went beyond what I was complaining about, they really took care of me”

That was a fantastic Q & A. I thought it was…did you?

On Thursday during our interview on Facebook, we got to know more about Paul, what inspired him to start his business, we learnt a little about his family and of course, we learnt more about Paul.

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