Our Guest this week was the amazing Sara Anderson who talked about how to extinguish limited beliefs. I love Sara’s approach to coaching. She is very real and shares her self-doubts. I think you will find Sara’s Q & A with us really helpful and insightful.

Shall we dive straight in with our Q & A?

You are a life Coach, there are a lot of life coaches out there. What is particularly unique about what you do?

Q1 You are a life coach, what is particularly unique about what you do? 

I work using all the different modalities that I have trained in. My work has at its core empathy and
compassion. I provide a space for the client to share all that is going on for them.

Then I use my skills and intuition to uncover what limited belief is getting in the way. it is amazing how different life can look and feel once you release a core limiting belief. It is like magic.

What is a limited belief?

2. What is a limited belief?

Sometimes in life, try as we might , we can’t make something happen. We can’t loose weight, or we can’t
reach that goal or we can’t get the job we want.

Sometimes what is happening is we have a belief within us that is getting in the way of us moving forward. Sometimes the person that is stopping us moving forward is our thinking and our beliefs. Next time you feel a little stressed, ask yourself: In this moment, what am I telling myself?

I see you use EFT in your work. What is EFT?

I see you use EFT in your work. What is EFT?

Sara shared with a wonderful tapping round especially for brides and grooms that are stressed.

What can people do when feeling stressed?

What can people do when feeling stressed?
Topic: Extinguish limited beliefs

Pause, stop what you are doing, Put your hand on your heart and do a short breathing meditation ,
breathe in for 4, hold for 7, out for 8. Repeat. The earlier we catch ourselves when are stressed, the
easy it is to return to a calm place.

Be kind to yourself, look after yourself, catch when you are feeling stressed. Learn about self-compassion and then offer yourself lots of it. The world needs lots and lots of people who value and practise compassion

You run Compassionate Classes on developing self-compassion.
Why is self-compassion so important?

We all learn to be kind to other people. Many of us never learnt to extend this kindness to our self. We relate to ourselves with harsh words, put-downs and many of us are completely oblivion to how we talk
to ourselves.

We just have got so used to having that unkind voice inside, which many of u-say we need
to motivate ourselves to take action. The same as a child does not grow and thrive with criticism and put downs, neither do we. The more we can extend compassion to our self , the more we can lend compassion to others.

For anyone interested in learning more how do we get in touch?

Come along to a taster compassionate class this Friday.

You can find me on my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. I’m always putting up things about compassion

I thoroughly enjoyed Twitter Chat with Sara…and looked forward to our Facebook Live Interview

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