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Little Rose Design run by Sinead Gormley a wonderfully talented milliner based in Ardee, Co Louth is our Featured Business on this week’s #irishweddingchat.

Sinead creates the most beautiful, bespoke hats and headpieces for special occasions and weddings.

We had a wonderful time learning more about Little Rose Design and the amazing range of hats and headpieces that Sinead creates. From her ready to wear range to creating bespoke hats during our Twitter Hour.

“Fashion is a kind of communication. It’s a language without words. A great hat speaks for itself.”

Let’s re-cap the our Twitter Q & A session.

Q 1: what services do you provide at Little Rose Design Millinery?
Q1: What services do you provide at Little Rose Design Millinery?

Hi everyone, here at Little Rose Design Millinery we cater for all bridal and occasion headwear from wedding days to ladies days at the races.

Little;e Rose Design - bespoke headwear

We have a bespoke service where we can create a unique, stunning headpiece to complement any outfit. We have a ready to wear collection that can be purchase on our website: website  or our Etsy shop and we were contacted by the international company to list with them too for the Australian, American and European markets. So very chuffed about that!

Q 2: Has coronavirus affected how you do business at Little Rose Design Millinery?

Yes it has but not in a hugely detrimental way – my face to face consultations are now done solely on line , it can be by telephone, email,Facebook, WhatsApp, messenger, Twitter, SMS the list goes on!

Previously to lock-down restrictions. We created and delivered to 70% of our clients without having met! So we’re well versed in designing and photographing pieces in each stage of the process to keep connected with our client’s needs 😉

Q 3: How long in advance will orders need to be booked?

Generally 6 weeks is the norm. I’ve had to readjust my supplier chain to allow for delays in my incoming deliveries of stock but I’ve sourced more Irish companies to help with this while supporting homegrown suppliers 🙂

Also, I’m happy to say any wedding orders I had have only been postponed and not cancelled. Clients know I’ll be crazy busy coming into autumn and my order book really does fill fast. When those slots are gone, they’re gone! Lol

Q 4: What is your price range at Little Rose Design Millinery?
Q 4-What is your price range at Little Rose Design Millinery?

I’m glad you asked me this question. I feel there’s not much transparency in the Millinery business and I know that if I were a client I’d need to know what I’m going to pay! Logical isn’t it?!

Smaller pieces and some headbands start at €120. Medium-size and more intricate pieces sit around the €160 price point. And, larger pieces with more detail and processes go up from there. I do have sales occasionally. Subscribe to my email newsletter on the website. Currently, it’s free shipping on my website and my Etsy shop!

Q 4: So how do we contact you Sinéad for a fabulous headpiece?
Q4 So how do we contact you Sinéad for a fabulous headpiece?

Firstly my mobile is always on 0876251981
Call, message, WhatsApp etc

My email is: [email protected]. Or, you can contact me via my social media:

Or google me! Little Rose Design Millinery, Ardee, Co Louth.

WOW! Sinead was fabulous as our Featured Business, I really enjoyed learning more about what Little Rose Design is all about.

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