This week we are talking about planning your Wedding post COVID with Mercy of Bashly Events. On topic – with the easing of restrictions announced recently.

So, without further ado…let’s dive into the Twitter hour. Hosted by Deirdre ní Dhubhghaill of 2D Graphic Design

What has been your perception of the events in recent months?

In late January when we started to hear words like COVID-19 & coronavirus, they were background noise as we continued our daily lives. This was an outbreak in China that slowly crept into Italy and some parts of Europe but nowhere near Ireland.

For some the Taoiseach’s announcement to lockdown in March was a surprise, even then it didn’t seem too serious as it was only to last for 2 weeks. Little did we know that 4 months later we will still be on lockdown and it will change how we live and interact with one another.

The virus hit the nation in a way that is unprecedented. It has caused us to rethink how we interact with one another. In some cases, affected family’s finances with people losing their jobs.

How has COVID-19 impacted the wedding industry?

How has covid19 impacted the wedding industry?

@weddingsonline did a survey of 600+ couples and found that 88% postponed their weddings to a later date, 2% cancelled altogether & others went ahead with a smaller number of guest than anticipated.

We have spent the last few weeks working with couples and suppliers in postponing their wedding, confirming new dates with suppliers, working on updating guest list and communicating to guests on the change in plans.

What will weddings look like post COVID? 

What will weddings look like post covid?

Failte Ireland has guidelines for the hospitality & wedding industry. One of the biggest changes is that guest list will become shorter – by choice and by necessity. Couples won’t feel obligated to invite everyone to their wedding anymore.

Guestlist will be physical & virtual. Technology has played a positive role in the way we interact. Couples have had their weddings with their guests watching live as they walked down the aisle and made their vows, this will continue.

Majority of the weddings that did not go ahead this year was moved to next year. The industry is about to see its busiest year in 2021 and weekday weddings will be on the rise.

From Monday, 50 people can gather indoors and 200 outdoors till July 29th when that doubles. This will cause an increase in outdoor weddings.

With numbers restricted how might Couples go about reducing their guest list?

With numbers restricted how might Couples go about reducing their guest list.

Varies for couples but my advise will be to prioritise. The same when drafting any guest list, it really depends on who you want to & who can be there with travel restrictions in place.

What advice do you give couples seeking to be married this year?

What advice do you give couples seeking to Wed this year?

Adapt & be creative. Weddings are a celebration of love and should be safe.  It is important to follow the HSE & Failte guidelines & adhere to the new rules

I hope you enjoyed catching up with our Twitter Hour – here is a clip from our Facebook Live earlier today. Watch the full interview on our Facebook Page

Watch the full interview on our Facebook Page

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