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Jo Flood

We had a fabulous Twitter Hour and follow up chat with Jo this week of We Coach People. Jo was one of the very first people to welcome me to New Ross. I remember thinking wow what a wonderful woman – genuinely friendly and warm. So, it was an absolute pleasure to have her as our guest this week.

Jo’s is an amazing businesswoman. Who after a very successful career in London came home to Ireland. Brought a small Country Home in New Ross and set about creating a thriving boutique hotel. Which she sold 17 years to concentrate on looking after her twins.

Which she found extremely difficult and stressful. Especially since one of the children has autism. Her journey to becoming one of the best businesses coaches began. When she discovered that only she had the ability to change herself. You can read more about her story here.

As you can probably tell I’m a great admirer of Jo’s – she’s down to earth and really does understand the difficulties life can throw at you. Which in my view makes her a really compassionate business coach. And, as she says “it’s about progress not perfection”

Let’s dive into the Twitter Q & A.

Q1: Has a lack of structure impacted your productivity?
Q1: Has a lack of structure impacted your productivity? We Coach People | Irish Wedding Chat

A1: Develop daily success habits! Make a list of 5 unproductive habits and eliminate them one step at a time!

Q2: Do you find it hard to say no when you’re already overcommitted?
q2: do you fin it hard to say No when you're already overcommitted?

A 2. This week catch yourself before you agree and make a commitment to say Yes to NO!…
I’m gambling here!!!! Bet everyone said YES to NO today

q3: Do you schedule time every week to clear clutter?

A3: This week schedule an hour to clear the decks. Let me know how it feels afterwards..

q4: Do you struggle with self-limiting beliefs?

A4: Write them down and opposite each one write an empowering belief and read the list every day. Watch the magic happen!!

We had a fabulous hour with Jo. So much so that I’ve embedded some of the Twitter thread at the end of today’s blog. Just so you can catch up. But, now let’s move onto our live.

DeirdreSarah and I had a great laugh with Jo. We really do love having our Guests join us always do so much learning.

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