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How Great Marketing Works with Finola Howard

Welcome to this week’s blog with our Guest Finola Howard of
How Great Marketing Works!

Finola is a Brand Builder, Marketing Strategist and Thinking Partner to Businesses that want to Scale. She works hands-on with business owners who want to establish an effective marketing process and often puts the structures in place to make that possible.

She built How Great Marketing Works because she wanted any business no matter its size or stage in the entrepreneurial journey. To access the knowledge that she has spent the last 25 + years accumulating and perfecting

I have been a huge fan of Finola’s since we first connected on Twitter – a long time ago! I’ve watched her grow and become the Queen of Marketing. And, she is with no doubts a Marketing genius. I knew that our community of Wedding Services, Suppliers and Venues would get lots of hints, tips and tricks to help them market themselves better.

Imagine my delighted when she accepted my invitation to join the #irishweddingchat Twitter Hour.
I was like…

Finola shared some marketing nuggets with us during our Twitter Chat. Hosted by Deirdre ní Dhubhghaill of 2D Graphic Design

Q1: What are the industry trends during this crisis that I could apply to my wedding business right now?

Q1: What are the industry trends during this crisis that I could apply to my wedding business right now?
How Great Marketing Works | Irish Wedding Chat

We see the rise of the #Minimony instead of a full ceremony – you’ll have the people closest to you on the day followed by a big bash afterwards. If you are a #WeddingSupplier how can you leverage this in your business?

Couples now want their #weddings to be a reflection of who they are & they want to amplify that experience for their guests. If you are a #WeddingSupplier can you help them? This is a #WeddingTrend that’s going to stay.

Health & Safety at #Weddings is big now! Plated dinners only, buffet’s are gone. Goodie bags with hand sanitizer, personalised face masks & more. As a #WeddingSupplier how will you creatively demonstrate your commitment to safety?

Q2: If no one is booking weddings right now, should I still be marketing myself? And if so, how?

Q2: If no one is booking weddings right now, should I still be marketing myself? And if so, how?
How Great Marketing Works | Irish Wedding Chat | Twitter Q & A

Couples haven’t stopped #weddingplanning, they’re using the time to research & know their vendors so they can feel comfortable with them. This is your new wedding marketing – answer their questions before they’re asked.

Show your #weddingcouples that you understand what they are going through. Make them laugh, be a shoulder in blogs & social media. Show them a way through this pandemic. Remind them their love will survive this!

Your #weddingcouples will remember the people who cared. Are you building in answers to their new problems e.g. elder relatives, limited numbers, fun at a distance etc

Q3: What’s the most important thing I should look at in terms of my marketing right now?

Q3: What's the most important thing I should look at in terms of my marketing right now? 
How Great Marketing Works | Irish Wedding Chat | Twitter Q & A

Start by understanding that your customer has changed fundamentally so what they need now is different – different pain points and maybe a different solution from you.

Redo your #CustomerProfile to gain insight & clarity. Pretend you are starting again for the first time. They’ve changed you might need to, as well.

With existing clients who are postponing, how can you give them a caring solution that fits who they are? You never know you may be able to build a larger solution for them if you truly listen. When it works apply it elsewhere too.

Q4: How do I pivot my business so that I can keep earning revenue right now?

Q4: How do I pivot my business so that I can keep earning revenue right now? How Great Marketing Works | Irish Wedding Chat | Twitter Q & A

Find new ways of solving old problems e.g. virtual consultations, at home cake tastings, zoom photo shoots, virtual fashion shoots, masked wedding shoots. When it’s virtual send them champagne to make it personal!

Can you convert anything you’re doing into an online course. You’d be surprised how niche you can get. Wedding Speech Writing, Wedding Tables, Best Bride Ever Course, Happy Nails, Happy Heart etc What wedding insights can you teach?

What have you got that you can apply outside your own industry with relative ease? Can you tap into the people working from home now? What about home decor/gardening which has seen huge increases?

Q5: How will I stand out above all the noise in the industry right now?

What have you got that you can apply outside your own industry with relative ease? Can you tap into the people working from home now? What about home decor / gardening which has seen huge increases? How Great Marketing Works | Irish Wedding Chat | Twitter Q & A

You’ve got to find that unique thing you do that nobody else does. Amp it up. Take it to the edge. Let there be no doubt why YOU are the right person for your customer! Be Brave! Own your space!

Take your lead from your customers. What one or two are saying about you and to you are clues to what they love about you. Leverage that!

The loudest thing you can do right now is showing them you are safe. That’s your most important message. Show them the evidence of this across your social media. People are switching suppliers if they don’t feel safe.

Wasn’t that just full of great marketing tips? And, what a prize!!! For the best conversation during #irishweddingchat using the hashtag #getstrategic.

The Winner got:

Get Strategic Get Results! Marketing Course!

  • A Complementary Strategy Session with Me to get you on the right track
  • And! Lifetime Membership of the HowGMW Community. An active learning community

DeirdreSarah and I really enjoyed having Finola on as our Guest. We hope you did too.

Reach out to us if you have any questions – we are happy to help.

The Love Coach

The Love Coach

The Love Coach as I like to refer Melody Chadamoyo was our guest on this week’s #irishweddingchat Twitter Hour. Having met Melody a few years back in Galway at a #WIN Event. I knew that this week we were going to be in for a treat!

Melody shared some fantastic insights with us. Like toxic behaviours and planning a wedding while under COVID-19 restriction during our Q & A. Which as always we are sharing with you in our blog this week.

Q1: What is the most challenging aspect for couples in the first 2 year's marriage?

Q1: What is the most challenging thing for couples in the first 2 year’s marriage?

In most cases, we don’t know what we’re doing when we first get married. Because no one ever tells us what is expected of us.

In my case anyway, I didn’t know how to be a wife. I just assumed that what I was doing was being super-efficient, superwoman, super independent, doing everything myself. Not needing my husband to do anything was the best way.

I also expected him to just sit there and not contribute because my opinion was more important than his and I knew better. That caused us to get into a conflict stage.

I didn’t know that marriages go through stages, the first one which we all know about which is romantic/honeymoon stage. And, then the conflict stage couples get stuck here because they don’t know how to get themselves out of that situation. And, the blissful stage. Most couples never get too because they get stuck in the conflict stage.

Knowing that we were in a conflict stage. Knowing that it was a stage and it was going to pass helped me a great deal. It helped me to have a focus because I wanted to get to the other side. To the happy blissful side.

I looked for ways for me to get there with my husband because obviously being superwoman didn’t work. Thinking that I knew everything didn’t work. And, not needing my husband to contribute in any way except financially also didn’t work.

Waking up to that and knowing that I needed to create a partnership. Where what my husband was contributing verbally, emotionally financially was appreciated. Helped me to serve my marriage and helped us to move to the blissful stage.

Q2: Please share some toxic things someone might do during lockdown that are bad for their relationship?

Q2: 3 toxic things you can do during Lockdown that is bad for your relationship?

As couples spend a lot of time together they might do toxic things that might be bad for the relationship in the long run.

The first one is:

Criticism. It is blaming the other person for everything that might be wrong. When you begin sentences like you never or you always. It always makes your spouse feel unappreciated and they would probably start feeling self-conscious or feel like they are not giving enough to the relationship.

It never helps to be that person who is always criticising someone. In terms of men, when you say “you always”. They take it like whatever effort they have been making is washed away like it didn’t matter. So when you say some of these things. It means you are not appreciating the spouse that you’ve got. 

The 2nd one is:

Contempt which is criticism powered by hostility or disgust.

This is something a lot of people do; they just eye roll or they are sarcastic or they make their spouse continuously, incessantly.

We have seen this. It seems like it’s a joke. But, if you’re the one who’s at the brunt of the joke. It stops being funny.

You start feeling like someone doesn’t care about you and they don’t really respect you.

Your spouse says something and you say, here we go again and you roll your eyes and you say all these mean things.

Even if you don’t say mean things it is perceived as mean because of how they feel. You need to be aware that they might want to get out of COVID and get out of the relationship as well.

Because nobody wants to be in a situation where they are not loved and appreciated and respected.

The 3rd issue is:

Defensiveness. It is not taking responsibility for your contribution to the interaction.

You start noticing when you’re doing it. When you stop acknowledging what others are saying. They are telling you how they feel and might even tell you what you’re doing. And, you say “Yeah but”…you had done this first. Or, like you are the only one who has feelings the other person doesn’t.

This is not good.

It’s very toxic and it can cause a lot of resentment. Once you have resentment it is a signal of the beginning of the end of your relationship. So you don’t want resentment to fester in your relationship. You’ve got to start focusing on respecting, listening and understanding the other person. Not meaning to say they are right or wrong all the time but at least see them from their point of view.

Q3; What advice do you give to a couple planning a wedding affected by social / personal distancing?

Q3. What is the best advice you can give to a couple planning a wedding that was affected by social distancing?

I think sometimes we tend to take some of these things very seriously.

I do understand it, it’s frustrating. You’re planning something and you’re going somewhere. And it doesn’t quite go ahead because the government puts limitations of how many people can attend your wedding.

You also have to remember something, everyone is in this situation.

We’re all being curtailed for reasons of health and we have to understand that. A wedding day is just a day. Yes it takes a long time to plan, yes it takes a lot of commitment and a lot of action but it’s really just a day.

It is a day to celebrate your commitment to each other. You need to be aware of that. Maintain that commitment. You have an opportunity to ensure that you operate as a team.

If you develop coping mechanisms for dealing with strife. And, problems that come in life. It is actually good for you because life will happen after you’re married. A lot of things will go wrong sometimes. They might even go wrong on the wedding day. It’s how you cope with those things that are going to determine whether you survive as a couple or you won’t. 

And not just surviving, you will thrive and be happy.

I remember one of the biggest things that happened to me with my husband. I had several miscarriages. And, then we had a baby and she died.

How we coped with that was we were always a unit.

We were always together.

We functioned as one.

We understood that my pain even though it was different from his. He was also going through pain.

That is when you start negotiating and moving through life because life happens. If you can survive struggle and strife without turning on each other. Then you’re building something with a good foundation that will survive life. Things will happen and you have to be prepared.

This might be a bad situation. But it’s also a time you can use to see whether you need to work on some things in your relationship. Or, negotiate some things in your relationship. So, that you’re ready for real-life tomorrow. 

Q4: What can people do to help their young relationship survive after COVD-19?

Q4: What can help new couples survive after Covid 19?

Focus on growing your love.

Practice kindness.

I know sometimes we don’t talk about that but love and kindness go hand in hand. When you start practising kindness intentionally, being kind to your spouse you find that your love will start to grow because that person will feel loved and appreciated.

Even when you’re feeling afraid, tense and uncertain about your future. At least, if you’re practising kindness it will help you to grow and help you to appreciate each other.

What you can do regularly is to list 3 things you’re grateful for every day for with spouse in mind.


What are the characteristics of who they are that make you feel like ooohh, I really like this person?

What attracted you to that person is something you should always appreciate.

I know after a while it starts being annoying but if you teach yourself to appreciate the person’s characteristics, their values, who they are.  You’ll find that your relationship will grow. You will thrive as a couple. And, everything will go beautifully.

Remember love always protects, and it always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres.

In perseverance. It means you’re persevering to make sure your relationship keeps growing, keeps maturing, keeps going to the next stage.

Remember, I told you there are 3 stages, they’re actually 4 but we don’t even talk about the 4th one because most people don’t get there.

You want to be that couple that gets to that stage. Do you really want to married for 56 years and be miserable? There’s no point in that.

You want to be married 56 years blissfully happy, blissfully together, growing together appreciating each other because that’s what matters.

Book Cover: why self love is the key to true love

Well, that was enjoyable!

Thank you, Melody, for sharing such fantastic advice and being so very generous with it too. Melody’s new book titled “Why Self-love is The Key to True Love” available to buy on Amazon.

And, if you are looking too Attract Love. Then check out Melody’s course. Where your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn how to choose the right man for you, based on becoming clear on what you personally value in a relationship partner, so that you can build the foundation for a happy and lasting relationship–in 6 weeks or less. 

I hope you enjoyed our time with the beautiful Melody Chadamoyo. We certainly did.

I’m always on the lookout for Guests for our community. Do you have something to offer? Maybe you are launching a book or course? Feel free to contact me and we’ll help you spread the word.