Classical Guitar for your Event or Wedding

Michael Stedman Guitarist | Featured Business on Irish Wedding Chat
Michael Stedman Guitarist | Featured Business on Irish Wedding Chat

Michael Stedman is a wonderfully talented musician, listening to him playing classical guitar is always a pleasure on the ear. It was wonderful to have him as our Featured Business.

We were treated to some live and on the spot music during our interview on Facebook. And, our Twitter Chat was great too. We learnt about Michael playing and tutoring. Don’t worry if you missed it. I’m going to round it up for you now.

Q1: Who are you and what is Classical Guitar?

Who are you and what is Classical guitar? | Q & A with Michael Stedman Guitarist | Featured Business on Irish Wedding Chat

My name is Michael Stedman, I hail from Wicklow and have been playing classical guitar for nearly 15 years. I graduated from DIT conservatory of music and drama and have continued to pursue music professionally since.

Classical guitar is an intricate fingerstyle version of guitar-focused on classical composers with music from the likes of Bach, Beethoven, Villa-Lobos, Satie and more. I would utilise a number of different guitar techniques to create and enthral my audience in a different soundworld. 

Q2: Would guitar work for my event?

Q2: Would guitar work for my event? Q & A with Michael Stedman Guitarist | Featured Business on Irish Wedding Chat

Yes, guitar is an extremely versatile instrument and suitable for many occasions.  For years the guitar has been a part of many different genres and not confined to one in particular.

Themed events or weddings are easily completed with the repertoire available on the guitar. I have played at Spanish themed weddings and even played a few Disney songs. Most instruments are transcribed for the guitar there’s a lot of possibilities.

The guitar can play a more virtuosic role in your event or amplify the atmosphere. As a small instrument with a typically quieter sound, it often draws the listener in.

Q3: I have a small event and venue. Would guitar work?

Q3: I have a small event and venue. Would guitar work? Q & A with Michael Stedman Guitarist | Featured Business on Irish Wedding Chat

Smaller events are perfect for the guitar with light amplification, while bigger events require a slightly larger setup however, that is not as intrusive into the event space.

My setup is relatively small: amp, music stand and me. I can fit into a snug corner or at the entrance and not take away from the needed space. 

Q4: Could I learn to play?

Q4: Could I learn to play? Q & A with Michael Stedman Guitarist | Featured Business on Irish Wedding Chat

Yes, depending on what song you wish to do. It is possible to learn a song in a month (provided you practice everyday!) Simple chords and strumming is a lot faster to learn and can be extremely romantic to serenade your partner on their special day or for an anniversary.

I provided vouchers for this purpose. With time and preparation, it would be possible to learn a small classical piece which could be recorded or added to a video of your event. 

Q5: Can anyone learn?

Q5: Can anyone learn? Q & A with Michael Stedman Guitarist | Featured Business on Irish Wedding Chat

As a versatile instrument, the guitar is open to many different people of all levels and abilities. I teach many students that have special needs and not only are they a joy to teach they have progressed steadily.

Their parents and I have been delighted with the progress they have made. As well as the enjoyment and skills they’ve gained during the lessons. We have is no set plan. And, many lessons are conducted with mutual learning. Figuring out together what way to best improve and learn. 

You can contact Michael on his website or on his social media platforms and chat with him about playing at your event or wedding.

Here’s a clip from our Facebook interview earlier. We had some fun and Michael played us a couple of tunes as well.

Click here to watch the full interview

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Extinguish Limited Beliefs

Be your best self - sara anderson - life coach

Our Guest this week was the amazing Sara Anderson who talked about how to extinguish limited beliefs. I love Sara’s approach to coaching. She is very real and shares her self-doubts. I think you will find Sara’s Q & A with us really helpful and insightful.

Shall we dive straight in with our Q & A?

You are a life Coach, there are a lot of life coaches out there. What is particularly unique about what you do?

Q1 You are a life coach, what is particularly unique about what you do? 

I work using all the different modalities that I have trained in. My work has at its core empathy and
compassion. I provide a space for the client to share all that is going on for them.

Then I use my skills and intuition to uncover what limited belief is getting in the way. it is amazing how different life can look and feel once you release a core limiting belief. It is like magic.

What is a limited belief?

2. What is a limited belief?

Sometimes in life, try as we might , we can’t make something happen. We can’t loose weight, or we can’t
reach that goal or we can’t get the job we want.

Sometimes what is happening is we have a belief within us that is getting in the way of us moving forward. Sometimes the person that is stopping us moving forward is our thinking and our beliefs. Next time you feel a little stressed, ask yourself: In this moment, what am I telling myself?

I see you use EFT in your work. What is EFT?

I see you use EFT in your work. What is EFT?

Sara shared with a wonderful tapping round especially for brides and grooms that are stressed.

What can people do when feeling stressed?

What can people do when feeling stressed?
Topic: Extinguish limited beliefs

Pause, stop what you are doing, Put your hand on your heart and do a short breathing meditation ,
breathe in for 4, hold for 7, out for 8. Repeat. The earlier we catch ourselves when are stressed, the
easy it is to return to a calm place.

Be kind to yourself, look after yourself, catch when you are feeling stressed. Learn about self-compassion and then offer yourself lots of it. The world needs lots and lots of people who value and practise compassion

You run Compassionate Classes on developing self-compassion.
Why is self-compassion so important?

We all learn to be kind to other people. Many of us never learnt to extend this kindness to our self. We relate to ourselves with harsh words, put-downs and many of us are completely oblivion to how we talk
to ourselves.

We just have got so used to having that unkind voice inside, which many of u-say we need
to motivate ourselves to take action. The same as a child does not grow and thrive with criticism and put downs, neither do we. The more we can extend compassion to our self , the more we can lend compassion to others.

For anyone interested in learning more how do we get in touch?

Come along to a taster compassionate class this Friday.

You can find me on my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. I’m always putting up things about compassion

I thoroughly enjoyed Twitter Chat with Sara…and looked forward to our Facebook Live Interview

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Honeymoon – planning the perfect romantic holiday

honeymoon-planning your romantic holiday

“Our honeymoon will shine our life long: its beams will only fade over your grave or mine.”

― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

The Honeymoon! Loving the thought of going on a month-long romantic holiday. Wouldn’t that be just amazing? After the wedding is done and dusted. You’ll be tired and exhausted. No doubt looking forward to a few days R & R…Let’s explore planning the perfect Honeymoon.

This fantastic blog by the Fathom Voyagers. It’s full of really useful tips from top wedding industry leaders. I really liked the tip about waiting a few days before jetting off on your honeymoon.

Honeymoon - planning the perfect romantic holiday

These tips from Christina Vidal are great! Especially the bit about building in leisure day and putting away the phone. And, one that I wouldn’t have thought of and that’s allowing for extras in your honeymoon budget.

Honeymoon - planning the perfect romantic holiday

Giving our #irishweddingchat members a plug

O’Leary Travel is one of our most active members.

Suzanne and her team are well known for their fantastic customer care. They take the time to get to know what you like and don’t like. They will even plan your whole itinerary from start to finish.

Honeymoon - planning the perfect romantic holiday

Susan Ryan is a Travel Counsellor is an expert in customizing long haul holidays.

Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful destinations The Travel Counsellors suggest. I love the look of this…imagine swimming in that crystal blue water with your new husband or wife on your honeymoon.

Honeymoon - planning the perfect romantic holiday

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Stationery for your Wedding Day

Stationery for your wedding day that’s our topic this week. Starting with your invitations and finishing with your Thank you cards. There are lots of things to consider when you are thinking about your wedding stationery. Like your ceremony booklets, menus and welcome boards. It can be head swirling to say the least. This week our aim to make the journey a little easier.

Our first share is from Paper Crabb with some excellent tips on what to consider before you order your wedding stationery.

from stationery set

Our second share from gives a fantastic guide outlining what to send with your wedding invitations

Hello Snowflake wedding stationery supplier

Hello Snowflake shares her top ten need to know wedding invitation tips with us. From how to let your guests know your theme to the kind of papers available

Wedding stationery from

Let’s have a look at the wedding stationery trends coming to us in 2020.

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